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Interactive TV

Real-time fun and games

With Chatterbox, you can start talking about and playing along with your favorite TV shows in real-time. Just check-in and you’ll get fun trivia, polls, and facts as things are happening on TV. Connecting with other people watching the same show you are has never been easier!
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Alerts and reminders

Get Alerts for your favorite TV Shows

Apart from sending you alerts and reminders when your favorite TV show airs, we’ll recommend you new shows we think you’d like. Never miss out and fall behind on TV shows again with Chatterbox. We’ll learn what shows you like as you use Chatterbox, so you don’t have to do anything but sit back, check-in, and enjoy.
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Gifts and Rewards

A Rewarding Experience

While you check-in, play games, answer questions, and socialize, you earn credits that you can trade in for special rewards. More than discounts on your favorite brands, you can earn free gifts as you watch and play. Free movie tickets, gift cards, and more await you!

Interactive Features

We want you to be able to participate, not just spectate. Using SYNC, we bring you real-time conversations, polls, and trivia for you to interactive with while you watch TV.